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Model has an active student body with a variety of opportunities for athletic involvement, as early as the 4th grade. Service learning and participation in a sport, club or organization are graduation requirements, so it is not surprising that 80% of Model students participate in athletics.

Athletic Director: Scotty Sutton




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Model Laboratory Schools Coaches 2022-23

Men's Golf

Coach Donnie Kidd
Women's Golf

Coach Ryan Smith
Cross Country Coach Melissa Dyer
Varsity Women's Soccer

Coach Mike Austin
Varsity Men's Soccer

Coach Braden Powell
Middle School Girls' Soccer

Coach Alix Castillo
Middle School Boys' Soccer

Coach Jerry Honaker
Middle School Girls' Basketball Coach Ray Hampton
Varsity Cheer Coach Ryan Smith
Middle Cheer Coach Catherine Johnson
Varsity Volleyball Coach Ellie Turner
Varsity Men’s Basketball

Coach John Morgerson
Varsity Women’s Basketball Coach Scotty Sutton
Varsity Archery

Coach Michelle Smith 
Varsity Swim

Coach Kevin Knezevich
Varsity Cheer Coach Ryan Smith
E-Sports Coach Eric Sokolowski
M.S. Boys' Basketball - 7th & 8th

Coach Ellie Turner

Coach Eddie Turner
Varsity Softball

Head Coach Bobby Huff

Asst. Coach Leah McMaine

M.S. Softball Coach Sam Maggard  
Varsity Tennis

Coach Daniel Blakeman 
Varsity Baseball

Coach Sam Sutton

Asst. Coach TBD

M.S. Baseball

Coach TBD

Track and Field

Coach Jasmine Bourn

Coach Andrew Yoder

Model Athletic Teams

  • Archery (Grades 4-12)                                                     
  • Men's Varsity Baseball (High)
  • Men's JV Baseball High)
  • Boys' Baseball (Middle)                                               
  • Men's Varsity Basketball (High)                    
  • Women's Varsity Basketball (High)
  • Men's JV Basketball (High)                               
  • Women's JV Basketball (High)                               
  • Men's Freshman Basketball (High)              
  • Women's Freshman Basketball (High)              
  • Boys' Basketball (8th Grade)
  • Girls' Basketball (8th Grade)
  • Boys' Basketball (7th Grade)
  • Girls' Basketball (7th Grade)
  • Boys' Basketball (6th Grade)                         
  • Girls' Basketball (6th Grade)                          
  • Cheer (High)                                                         
  • Cheer (Middle)                                                     
  • Cross Country 
  • eSports                                                                     
  • Men's Golf (Secondary)                                     
  • Women's Golf (Secondary)                                     
  • Men's Varsity Soccer (High)
  • Women's Varsity Soccer (High)
  • Men's JV Soccer (High)                                       
  • Women's JV Soccer (High)                                       
  • Boys' Soccer (Middle)                                        
  • Girls' Soccer (Middle)                                                                                            
  • Women's Varsity Softball (High)                                     
  • Women's JV Softball (High)                          
  • Swimming and Diving (Secondary)           
  • Men's Tennis (Secondary)
  • Women's Tennis (Secondary)           
  • Track and Field (Secondary)                                             
  • Women's Varsity Volleyball 
  • Women's JV Volleyball