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Last Updated: 10/26/2021 1:44 PM

On this page, you'll find:

  • Flexible Professional Development Documentation Form 
  • Branding, Style Guide, & Communication Guidelines
  • Rubrics 
  • Faculty and Staff Handbooks

Flexible Professional Development Documentation Form

Submit the completed form to your principal after you have attended the professional development event. Your original certificate or confirmation of attendance must be attached to this form. 

Branding, Style Guide, & Communication Guidelines

Please use the following links in compliance with branding guidelines when representing Model in print, digital media, or on apparel. Download the templates to use or right click on logos to copy. The Patriot M is for athletic use only.

Please contact Erick Collings or Lauren Tyra for additional information and assistance for your communications needs.

Style Guide 

Teachers' Style Guide


The Model M Logo 


Standard Logo - Model at EKU with Model M 


Athletics Patriot M Logo 



Digital and Print Materials

Email Signature



PowerPoint Presentation

Teacher Newsletter


Flyer Templates

Elementary Brochure

Secondary Syllabus Guidelines

The Model Core


Model Core Skills Rubric - August 27, 2021


Faculty Handbook 2021-22

Staff Handbook 2021-22

Faculty Evaluation Handbook 2021-22

Coaches Handbook 2021-22

Substitute Teacher Handbook 2021-22