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Technology for Student Success

We believe every student deserves access to the tools and technology that will allow them to create, perform, and design their best work. Therefore, Model Laboratory School is completely 1:1 in Apple technology (iPads and MacBook Airs).

For technology assistance, please contact Director of Technology Tim Hoover (, 859-622-6816.

Acceptable Use Agreement

Model Lab Schools has initiated a 1:1 initiative for students and teachers in grades K – 12 in an effort to embrace twenty-first century learning. Students will be using these devices in the classroom as a part of routine instruction each day. After reading and returning the required agreement, students in grades four (4) through twelve (12) will be allowed to take their designated devices home to continue schoolwork. Please remember the devices are the property of the School and their contents may be viewed at any time. Students are expected to have their devices with them each day, fully charged and ready for use.

Goals for Student Users

  • Increase proficiency in twenty-first century skills
  • Increase productivity and organization
  • Develop student ownership of learning and the learning process
  • Utilize a wide array of digital educational materials
  • Achieve technology proficiency


Student use of the issued devices falls under the Acceptable Use Policy for technology. Internet and device use will be monitored through school level management software. Anyone found to be violating acceptable use will be disciplined. All software, applications, and documents stored on the issued devices are the property of the School and subject to review/monitoring.

School Devices should NOT:

  • Be modified in any way other than instructed by administration or school personnel.
  • Have applied marks, stickers, or other decoration placed on the device.
  • Be exchanged with anyone.
  • Have school asset/inventory tags modified or tampered with in any way.
  • Have heavy objects placed on top of them.
  • Closing lid with items inside of device (i.e. pencils/pens).
  • Have browsing history cleared of disabled.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will be treated as a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and will be handled according to the school discipline code.

Care and Use of Issued Devices

  • Use a soft, lint-free towel to clean the screen – do not use spray or liquid cleaners.
  • Make sure hands are clean before using device.
  • Keep devices away from food and drink.
  • Use only the included charger and a standard outlet to charge your device. Charge daily.
  • Report software/hardware issues as soon as possible to the Tech Help Desk.
  • Keep the issued device in a climate-controlled environment – do not expose to extreme temperatures.

Saving Documents

Documents are saved with your device using cloud storage. This will require you to have a school issued account. Using this account, you can save, export, and import documents. This allows you to access and share your documents, as appropriate, from other devices via the Internet.

Reporting Technical Issues

Errors or problems should be reported as soon as is practical. This can be done by informing the Tech Help Desk, so the issue can be addressed in a timely manner. Damage due to a determined accidental cause will be addressed by the school through normal procedures. Damage due to negligence or carelessness will result in the student assuming the financial responsibility of the replacement/repair of the issued device. Students taking the device from school property must sign and submit the User Agreement Application. Student use of the device off school grounds may be revoked at any time by school administration.


Students should NEVER share their account information with others, unless requested by an administrator, this includes all online services such as: (Google Apps for Education, Microsoft 365, Infinite Campus, etc.).

Students are responsible for following the guidelines and rules set forth in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Violations of these policies may result in disciplinary actions.

If a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy or discipline code occurs, appropriate consequences will be imposed by school administration.

It is expected that students will:

  • Maintain control of their assigned device unless otherwise directed by administration.
  • Not have the device out around food/drink (breakfast, lunch, snacking).
  • Not leave the device unattended.
  • Not play games during instructional time.
  • Not clear or disable browsing history.
  • Maintain adequate battery charge for school use.

*Not adhering to these guidelines will be considered negligence.

General Rules

  • After failing to bring your device to school five (5) times in a semester (or less by recommendation of Principal), the student may become a “day user” until appropriate by administration.
  • General misconduct or failing to have the assigned device at school/charged may result in student being assigned to “day user” status for a length of time determined by administration.

Please Remember:

  • Devices may be monitored by administration at any time.
  • Administration reserves the right to take a school issued device at any time.
  • Teachers reserve the right to limit the device use during class.
  • The device is the property of the School.

Reminder of No Privacy Guarantee

School personnel have the right to access information stored in any user directory, on the current user screen or in electronic mail. They may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that individuals are using the system in accordance with School policies and guidelines. Students should not expect files stored on School servers or through School provided technology services to be private. By accepting these terms and conditions, students waive any right to privacy or confidentiality to material that was created, sent, accessed or stored using a school computing device or school provided account.

Loss or Damage

If an issued device is damaged or lost, please report to the Tech Help Desk as soon as possible. If theft is suspected, a police report must be filed. If an incident happens in the evening, please inform the Tech Help Desk via email immediately and in person by 8:00 A.M. the following school day.

Students (and their parent/guardian) are responsible for replacement costs of technology equipment and peripherals that are lost, stolen, damaged or vandalized while under their issue.

Replacement Costs are as follows:



10.5-inch iPad Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray (3rd Gen A2152)  --  K,1,2 & Art cart


STM Dux Duo for iPad Air (3rd Gen)  --  K,1,2 & Art cart


Lightning to USB cable (1m)  --  K,1,2 & Art cart


12W USB Power Adapter (iPad 9th Gen)  --  K,1,2 & Art cart


10.2 - inch iPad Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Gray (9th Gen)  --  3,4,5 & Para


Logitech Rugged Combo 3 case with Integrated Smart Connector Keyboard for iPad 9th gen  --  3,4,5 & Para 


20W USB-C Power Adapter  --  3,4,5 & Para


USB-C to Lightning cable (1m)  --  3,4,5 & Para


13 inch MacBook Air M1 chip 128GB - Space Gray  --  6-12 & faculty


STM Dux Case for 13-inch MacBook Air (M1) - Clear/Black  --  6-12 & faculty


96W USB-C Power Adapter (MacBook Pro)  --  6-12 & faculty $79.00


User Agreement Terms

The student agrees to the terms in the user agreement 08.2323 AP.2.

The student has read and understood the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) found in the Handbook for Students and Parents and online.

As a user of the Model Laboratory Schools computer network, the student hereby agrees to comply with the School’s Internet and electronic mail rules and to communicate over the network in a responsible and appropriate manner while abiding by all relevant laws and restrictions. They further understand that violation of the regulations is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should they commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked, and school disciplinary action and/or legal action may be taken.

Parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) of the student (under 18) grant permission for their child to access networked computer services such as electronic mail and the Internet. They understand that this access is designed for educational purposes; however, they also recognize that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable, and they accept responsibility for guidance of Internet use by setting and conveying standards for my child to follow when selecting, sharing, researching, or exploring electronic information and media.

Consent for Use

If you agree to the user agreement terms in the Receipt of the Student/Parent Handbook, you hereby accept and agree that your child’s rights to use the electronic resources provided by the School are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in School policy/procedure. Please also be advised that data stored in relation to such services is managed by the School pursuant to policy 08.2323 and accompanying procedures. You also understand that the email address provided to your child can also be used to access other electronic services or technologies that may or may not be sponsored by the School, which provide features such as online storage, online communications and collaborations, and instant messaging. Use of those services is subject to either standard consumer terms of use or a standard consent model. Data stored in those systems, where applicable, may be managed pursuant to the agreement between designated service providers or between the end user and the service provider. Before your child can use online services, they must accept the service agreement and, in certain cases, obtain your consent.

Reviewed/Revised: 7/1/2022