Volunteer Training

Rebecca Petrey

Rebecca.Petrey@eku.edu; 859-622-2139

Thank you for your interest to serve as a volunteer for Model! Model Laboratory Schools could not be successful without the support of our parents, guardians, and families.

Volunteers in contact with students must complete this training, submit to a criminal background check, and be approved by the superintendent before beginning volunteer duties. (KRS 161.044)

To participate as a volunteer in your child's classroom or at any point during the school year for in-school activities and/or in-state field trips, you are required to complete the volunteer training. Training must be completed annually.

This training is not for chaperoning overnight or out of state field trips. Additional training is required for these events.

At the end of the training, you will be prompted to complete a quiz; you must pass the quiz with at least an 80%.

After successfully completing this, a $15 background check fee will be applied to your account in Infinite Campus for each volunteer requested.

Please review the slides below, then complete the quiz with no more than two incorrect answers.