Tim Hoover, Director of Technology

Technology for Student Success

We believe every student deserves access to the tools and technology that will allow them to create, perform, and design their best work. Therefore, Model Laboratory School is completely 1:1 in Apple technology (iPads and MacBook Airs).

For technology assistance, please contact Director of Technology Tim Hoover (

Acceptable Use Agreement

Model Lab Schools has initiated a 1:1 initiative for students and teachers in grades K – 12 in an effort to embrace twenty-first century learning. Students will be using these devices in the classroom as a part of routine instruction each day. After reading and returning the required agreement, students in grades four (4) through twelve (12) will be allowed to take their designated devices home to continue schoolwork. Please remember the devices are the property of the School and their contents may be viewed at any time.

Students are expected to have their devices with them each day, fully charged and ready for use.