Extended Learning

Morgan Campbell, Extended Learning Coordinator

Morgan.Campbell@eku.edu; 859-622-2481

The Extended Learning program runs from Monday, August 26th, 2024 - Friday, November 26th, 2024 and Monday, January 21st, 2025 - Wednesday, May 2nd, 2025.

The Extended Learning Program provides after school supports from 2:55 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. for grades Kindergarten through 6th. Extended Learning follows the EKU and Model Student schedule.

In the Extended Learning Program, your child(ren) will be given opportunities to expand their knowledge in basic American Sign Language (ASL), experimental science, and basic engineering.

Students may engage in cooking classes, photography, scavenger hunts, as well as socialization and physical activities.  Support is available for completion of school assignments.

Our goal is to extend your child’s education through enrichment and extracurricular activities.  Please contact Morgan Campbell for more information about the many opportunities for your child!

Extended Learning Program Tuition Rate for 2024-2025

Annual Registration/Enrollment/ Application Fee

$50 per family

Full-Time Weekly Tuition Rate

$2,170 per child per year ($217 per month, August - May - no multi-child discount)

Part-Time, Drop-In Tuition Rate

$10 per child, per hour

Late Fee

$50 per occurrence

Weeks Outside Regular EKU Calendar (if offered)

$70 per child, per week